Solo Acts

Who let the poodle out?

Remember that tenacious black poodle from Goethes Faust? Well, he's back. And he'll show you what it means, to have a demon inside!

Duration: 3m50s

Gigolo Hypnotized

"Dancing is always the better alternative to fighting!"

Mao Zedong

Duration: 4m10s

Backdoor Superman

What does a sexy superhero do, while off duty? Yeah, you guessed right.

Duration: 3m30s

Note: This act is a reverse strip.


In this award winning act (Burlesque Hall of Fames "Most Innovative" & "Best Boylesque" in 2016) Harden becomes a "real boy". Believe me: You want to hear him lie!

Duration: 4m00s

Head Like A Hole

Well, that one's just weird...

Duration: 3m59s

A little party

... never killed nobody. And party we will!

Duration: 3m31s