Learn the art of Burlesque - I'll show you how!

If you want to be a Burlesque performer, too or maybe just explore the art for your own amusement, I got your back. I offer various formats for you to choose from. You can always book a private session with me. On an irregular base I also host group classes and workshops. Check here, what's available right now:

Boylesque Basics - Burlesque Beginnerworkshop for Men

My next 2-day beginner workshop for men will happen on February 24th / 25th at the Vintage Dance Studio in Munich. Details and signup here

Private Session

Sometimes i's a good idea to talk one on one. For example if you are so new that you'd prefer to explore on your own first before you check out a group class. Or maybe you are already working on an act and would like help to develop it to the next level. In this case you can let me know what you have in mind and we'll find something that fits you specifically. Private sessions come on an hourly base with a 90 € per hour rate and are usually held in a dance studio in Munich at a time we select together.