Fishnet Follies School of Classic Burlesque

Mynx d'Meanor and the fabulous ladies from the Fishnet Follies, located in Oakland, California. The school I was raised in and my major inspiration. Check them out for classes with Mynx d'Meanor. You can be a burlesque performer, too!

Dixie Dynamites school in Munich. She regularily offers classes and workshops not only for Burlesque but also Tap, Charlston, Vinatage Jazz and, and, and. 

Burlesque Hall of Fame

The only museum in the world dedicated to maintain and foster the art of Burlesque. Become a member and help keep it alive and kicking!

Jet Noir

The man that put the burly in burlesque...

Elle Aime Photography

Your go-to photography genius, not only for performers.

He created the best performace pix of me so far. Check him out!

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